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In this session, we shift our focus to the management of research organizations. Explore support programs and strategies that can be implemented to foster an entrepreneurial culture within your organization. Learn from successful programs in Europe and China and discover how to overcome challenges associated with entrepreneurship in research environments. Engage in breakout sessions to exchange views and experiences with your peers.

This session will be in particularly helpful for anyone who is responsible for innovation and entrepreneurship within their organization to get the most out of the peer-to-peer exchange.


  • Register free of charge here (for researchers & staff of WAITRO member organizations)
  • Zoom links will be shared exclusively with registered participants.
  • Registration remains open until the start the session.


  • Certificates will be awarded upon request and successful completion.



Empowering Innovation: Entrepreneurship in Research Organizations

This session is part of an event series that explores the dynamic world of entrepreneurship within research organizations and its pivotal role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Whether you’re a researcher looking to turn your ideas into a business or a manager aiming to foster innovation within your organization, this series will equip you with essential knowledge and practical tools.

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