Alumni Network

Conserving WAITRO’s Heritage

Members of the Alumni Network act as ambassadors of the association and serve as a repository of WAITRO’s knowledge and heritage. The network captures the spirit of the Global Innovation Family and allows former officials to keep in touch.

Network Members

Moses Mengu
Moses MenguDenmark
Senior Expert 1984-1986, Deputy Secretary General 1987-2002, RR Africa 2004-2007, RFP Europe 2011-2017
Hollis Charles
Hollis CharlesTrinidad & Tobago
Founding Member of WAITRO, October 1970
President 1987-1990, 1st Vice President 1985-1986, 2nd Vice President 1983-1984
Prof. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Khandal
Prof. Dr. Rakesh Kumar KhandalIndia
WAITRO President 2010-2014
Prof. Charles Kwesiga
Prof. Charles Kwesiga Uganda
WAITRO President 2015-2016, 1st Vice President 2013-2014, 2nd Vice President 2009-2012, RR Africa 2007-2008
Dr. Björn Lundberg
Dr. Björn Lundberg Sweden
WAITRO President 2002-2006
Ömer Kaymakçalan
Ömer Kaymakçalan Turkey
WAITRO President 1999-2002
Prof. Eugenia J. Olguín
Prof. Eugenia J. Olguín Mexico
Acting President 1998, 1st Vice President 1999-2002, 2nd Vice President 1995-1998, RR Latin America & Caribbean 1987-1988
David Grier
David GrierCanada
1st Vice President 2007-2008, 2nd Vice President 2003-2006, RR North America 1998-2002
Liaquat A. Shah
Liaquat A. Shah Trinidad & Tobago
1st Vice President 2011-2014, 2nd Vice President 2007-2010, RR Latin America & Caribbean 2003-2006
Berenice Lue Marais
Berenice Lue Marais South Africa
RR Africa 2013-2014, RFP Africa 1999-2012
Aziz Manan
Aziz Manan Malaysia
WAITRO Secretary General 2002-2004
Roger Short
Roger Short UK/Italy
WAITRO Secretary General 1988-1991
Prof. Dr. Ildar Utiamyshev
Prof. Dr. Ildar Utiamyshev Russian
RR Central & Eastern Europe 1998-2002
Dr. Robert Arunga
Dr. Robert Arunga Kenya
RR Africa 1985-1988
Prof. Dr. Adel Nofal
Prof. Dr. Adel Nofal Egypt
RR Middle East & North Africa 1997-2000, RFP MENA 2001-2005
Prof. S. A. Odunfa
Prof. S. A. Odunfa Nigeria
RR Africa 1999-2000
Dr. Ndumiso Cingo
Dr. Ndumiso Cingo South Africa
RR Africa 2016-2020
Prof. Bahadir Tunaboylu
Prof. Bahadir Tunaboylu Turkey
RR Middle East & North Africa, 2016-2020


Julia Wiethüchter 
Julia Wiethüchter  Alumni Network & Partnerships
WAITRO Office Germany

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