Regional Focal Points

Regional Support and Representation

Regional Focal Points (RFPs) are member organizations in each of the five WAITRO regions* and are selected to be advocates for the values, mission and objectives of the Association. RFPs act as liaison offices to promote WAITRO in their respective regions, cultivate regional relationships and plan regional WAITRO activities.

RFP Workshop Juli19 1024x576 1

Board-RFP Workshop, Germany 2019.

Concrete tasks of Regional Focal Points include:

  • Contributing to the design and implementation of WAITRO activities
  • Providing support and feedback on WAITRO communication and consultation activities
  • Exchanging and spreading information in a region about WAITRO activities and opportunities

Regional Focal Points 2023-2024

WAITRO Regions*

  • Africa [Eastern, Middle, Southern, and Western]
  • Asia and the Pacific [South-eastern Asia, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, and Oceania]

  • Europe [Eastern, Northern, Southern, and Western Europe]

  • Latin America and the Caribbean [incl. Central America]

  • Middle East and North Africa

The individual nations in these regions follow the UN protocol (source)