Terms of Use for waitro.org 

1. Scope of application, changes 

1.1  These terms of use apply to the website and the application process to become a WAITRO Member on waitro.org. The user agreement shall be concluded between authorized organizations (hereinafter “user”) and the WAITRO Office China

c/o Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute
7 Huafu Road,
Jiangbei New Area,
Nanjing, P.R. China 210031

1.2  Membership shall be granted exclusively to organizations authorized by WAITRO. 

1.3  WAITRO reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time if this becomes necessary due to changes in legislation, case law and/or economic conditions and/or due to any loopholes that may emerge in these terms of use; any such changes shall also become effective for any users who have already registered. If these terms of use are changed, the user shall be informed via email in good time. The email shall contain these terms of use with the changes highlighted for the user to see. The user shall then be given the opportunity to object to the changes within 14 days of receiving the email. If the user does not object to the changes and continues to use the members’ area after the objection period, the user shall be deemed to have accepted the changes from the end of this period. This legal consequence shall be explicitly pointed out to the user in the email. If the user objects to the change within the two-week deadline, WAITRO shall be entitled to exclude the user from utilizing the services. 

2. Subject of user agreement, services

2.1   WAITRO offers authorized organizations (hereinafter “user”) the opportunity to register to apply to become a WAITRO Member on the waitro.org website. 

2.2   Such an account can be created by an authorized legal person (organization). A legal person may only register on WAITRO if it has been appropriately authorized by WAITRO.  

2.3   WAITRO membership is free of charge. WAITRO reserves the right to prohibit organizations from becoming a member at any time without having to state its reasons for doing so. 

2.4   WAITRO shall aim to ensure the highest possible availability of the services. As the continuous, uninterrupted availability of the services cannot be guaranteed, however, this shall not be owed by WAITRO. The availability of the services may be temporarily interrupted, particularly as a result of necessary maintenance work, updates or force majeure. 

2.5   The user shall not be entitled to ask  WAITRO to hand over the software behind waitro.org or to transfer the rights to such. The intellectual property of the software is held exclusively by the WAITRO. The user shall only be entitled to use the system and software for the intended purpose during the term of the contract. 

3. Registering to become a WAITRO member

3.1   An organization can register on waitro.org to apply for  WAITRO membership. The following information must be provided during registration