Winner Responsibilities

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The WAITRO Innovation Award winner is expected to manage the project team and report accomplishments made using the Award to [...]

How is the Award managed?

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The winning Project Team Leader (PTL) will sign a research contract with either Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft or the Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research [...]

Who will review my application?

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Applications will be reviewed by the WAITRO Secretariat and an international evaluation committee. International experts selected by the WAITRO Secretariat [...]

What are the evaluation criteria?

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CRITERIA DESCRIPTION Impact short-and long-term economic, environmental and social impacts Feasibility  technical, economic, operational, scheduling and legal feasibility Level of [...]

How do I apply?

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Project teams fill out the application form and send the proposal to the WAITRO Secretary General until 30th of September, [...]

Associate members

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Associate membership shall be open to for-profit organizations with a commercial interest in industrial research, including corporations, banks and investment [...]

Full members

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Full membership shall be open to non-profit or not-for-profit organizations involved in research or development relevant to industrial technology. In [...]