WAITRO-SIRIM training program for female scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs

The Capacity Development on Personal Care Product Development was a training program organized by WAITRO in collaboration with SIRIM. It took place from April 29 to May 24, 2019, in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

This Capacity Development aimed to introduce scientists and researchers from WAITRO members to research opportunities abroad, at well-established Centers of Excellence of WAITRO member organizations. The program was a platform for female scientists and researchers with technical and scientific backgrounds in the area of chemistry or another science-related field.

Networking between WAITRO Members

The one-week program was tailored for female scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs who are currently working in research institutes and universities from the Asia and the Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions. Besides gaining some experience, knowledge and information on current development of technology and science, participants had the opportunity to network and collaborate with other scientists or participants working in their respective fields.