Developing winning project proposals with WAITRO.


WAITRO Support for Consortia

WAITRO provides support for consortia consisting of at least three WAITRO member organizations from different countries that are planning to submit project proposals to the highly competitive Horizon Europe program. Our project support doesn’t stop at helping the right consortia finding each other, it entails a complete ecosystem. From the matchmaking platform SAIRA to providing support with the proposal writing, we also support project management via SAIRA and maximize the project impact on our communication channels. 

What We Do

  • We connect European coordinators to exchange information.

  • We provide tools that enable members to find the right partners.

  • We offer info sessions and workshops on international collaboration under Horizon Europe.

  • We support consortia with the external proposal review and professional check before submission.

  • We write letters of support for project proposals.

  • We communicate success stories of consortia.

Connecting European Coordinators  

Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding program for research and innovation with a budget of almost 100 billion Euros. There are plenty of calls with thousands of applications every year. In collaboration with our Regional Focal Point Europe, Leitat Technological Center in Spain, we provide a platform to share efforts and ideas in the coordination of proposals with an international approach and to exchange experience and information within European WAITRO members. To join the group contact Julia Wietchüchter via email.

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Finding the right project partners with SAIRA

A consortium is at the heart of any Horizon Europe project. We support you via SAIRA during this very important stage of the Horizon Europe project development by providing you with a platform that allows you to find the right partners and build a consortium that will impact the success rates of the project. Find partners based on an in-depth assessment of the project’s needs, rather than prior collaborations and personal connections.

Research Fairness Initiative Tool

Equal partnerships and sustainability are at the heart of WAITRO’s mission and have gained substantial importance within Horizon Europe. Therefore, WAITRO has formed a partnership with the Research Fairness Initiative (RFI). The RFI can support international project teams, helping them understand the difficulties of international collaborations and foreseeing and overcoming critical incidents that might occur during the time span of a Horizon project. The RFI is an institutional learning tool that helps universities and organizations to assess their partnership practices and work towards improving them for more equitable outcomes. By using the RFI tool, institutions are able to ensure that their policies and practices support fair partnerships that allow for fair sharing of benefits, costs and outcomes. This in turn ensures that individual projects also subscribe to fair practices. Additionally, the RFI offers letters of support for Horizon proposals for projects teams whose institutions have committed to their mission for equitable partnerships and have decided to become RFI reporting organizations. This will not only provide valuable input for the RFI and the project teams themselves but also add value to the project teams’ Horizon application, showing how their institutions use concrete policies and practices to ensure their collaborations will result in equitable partnerships. If you are interested in the RFI and would like to find out more about how you can request your institution to consider participating, please visit the RFI website for more information.

Further Services

Letter of Support from WAITRO  

We convey enthusiasm for your project and lend credibility to your work. If your project is focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals, WAITRO endorses your application with letters of support.

How it works