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WAITRO’s Response to COVID-19

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, WAITRO is actively pursuing its operations and the Secretariat is working to limit the consequences for its members and partners. The current situation has no impact on the availability of WAITRO’s services, support and assistance or on the continuity of SAIRA. At the WAITRO Secretariat, we feel fortunate that we can work remotely and continue with the Association’s activities as much as possible in these difficult times.

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In order to support our members in the best possible way, we are planning to add online activities to our services that are freely available for all our members. Indeed, given the uncertain outlook for international travel in the medium term, some of our planned activities such as Capacity Development and the General Assembly may have to move online temporarily. We want to tailor these new and modified activities to your needs and to support you and your organization to stay productive during the fight against COVID-19.

Therefore, we would like to ask WAITRO members to fill out the survey and share it within the organization: It only takes estimated 8-10 minutes but it will help us find out where our members stand and how we at the WAITRO Secretariat can best support you to collaborate on international projects and strengthen your capabilities. To address the current situation, “COVID-19” will soon be introduced as a new research area on the platform. Additionally, WAITRO will launch an Open Access Portal on SAIRA for members and the public to share technologies and research on COVID-19. Since the current situation is too uncertain to plan international meetings and travel, the WAITRO Secretariat has decided to postpone WAITRO activities and adjust deadlines accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us as always. Stay safe!

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