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WAITRO partners with G-STIC

Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals requires the development and deployment of integrated technological solutions at scale. That is not only an aim of WAITRO and SAIRA, but also of the Global Sustainable Technological and Innovation Community (G-STIC).

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G-STIC aims to accelerate the wide-scale deployment of market-ready, transformative, integrated technological solutions that can significantly contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. On July 28th, the General Manager of G-STIC was hosted at the WAITRO Office Germany to discuss collaboration opportunities between the largest global network of research organizations and one of the most significant global conferences on technology and innovation for the SDGs, which draws world-renowned keynote speakers including the UN Secretary General.


“The challenges that we face as a global community are shared yet experienced in different and disparate ways. Engagement is the key to understanding and tackling those urgent challenges of our age and to making the SDGs attainable for all. We are delighted to partner with G-STIC to strengthen the bonds between frontline researchers and global policymakers. Working together we gain strength through diversity as we strive for innovative solutions through collaboration.”

HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, WAITRO President

G-STIC was initiated by VITO and continues to be coordinated by the leading research and technology organization (RTO) in Belgium, which joined WAITRO as a member in May 2021. Thus, this partnership between WAITRO and G-STIC is backed by two leading RTOs in Europe, VITO in Belgium and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Germany, which currently hosts the WAITRO Secretariat (WAITRO Office Germany).

G-STIC conference during the World Expo in Dubai

Campaign image G STIC conference Dubai

VITO and WAITRO agreed on several areas of collaboration including a strategic partnership in the organization of the G-STIC Dubai conferences, which will be held from October 24th to 26th, 2021, and from January 17th to 19th, 2022, in the context of World Expo 2020. Both events will take place in a hybrid format with physical attendance and interaction on-site, and fully virtual sessions online.

HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan will participate in the opening Session of the first conference in her capacity as WAITRO President. WAITRO is honored to participate in the conferences in Dubai and has committed to supporting future editions of G-STIC.

€5 million subsidies for projects: the G-STIC climate action programme

G-STIC and WAITRO agreed on kick starting their collaboration by making use of WAITRO’s open innovation platform SAIRA for the G-STIC Climate Action Programme. To support developing countries in the fight against climate change, the Government of Flanders launches this program, which provides close to €5 million subsidies for rolling and upscale out climate-impact solutions in developing countries.
G STIC Action Programe

Innovators from developing countries can now submit project ideas or local challenges on SAIRA to connect with companies,