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Strategic Workshop in Germany

Last week, the WAITRO Office Germany invited the Executive Board and the Regional Focal Points (RFPs) for a strategic workshop to the WAITRO headquarters in Sankt Augustin, Germany. The three-day workshop focused on the strategic alignment of WAITRO, capacity building and the identification of future research opportunities.

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A highlight of this workshop was the kick-off to build consortia for three upcoming HORIZON 2020 calls. During the sessions, Lola Rodriguez from LEITAT, Kirstie Yvette Wild from DTI, and Jan Philipp Kopka and Dr. Katrin Ostertag from Fraunhofer facilitated the discussions on the general direction for first stage proposals. By facilitating an engagement in Horizon 2020, WAITRO promotes the participation of non-European RTOs in EU funded projects.

To enable increased involvement of WAITRO members in the future, Dirk Saseta Krieg (Regional Representative for Europe) presented a strategy to establish WAITRO as the major global network for EU funded research collaborations. To execute this strategy, WAITRO has already taken first steps by providing insights on opportunities under HORIZON EUROPE. Besides focusing on new strategies and opportunities to strengthen the WAITRO membership, the workshop participants discussed their approaches to representing WAITRO in their different regions and found ways to optimize their strategies. They agreed on a more integrative approach to capacity development activities under the WAITRO Capacity Development Program through a jointly-designed capacity needs assessment.

To learn more about upcoming WAITRO events and capacity development workshops, click here.

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