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Showcase your Project at the WAITRO Summit 2022 and be Rewarded

WAITRO will award projects with impact on SDGs during the WAITRO Summit 2022

WAITRO members are invited to showcase their achievements toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during the WAITRO Summit 2022 on November 14-15 in Cape Town, South Africa. The WAITRO Secretariat will award up to two innovative projects with USD$ 3,000 each during the closing ceremony of the event.

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SDG Impact Zone: Your project exhibited at the WAITRO Summit

Are you a WAITRO member who has been involved in a project that had an impact on one or more SDGs? You can have your achievement presented in form of a poster at the WAITRO Summit.

The SDG Impact Zone will be a space to showcase the value of the WAITRO members as well as their contributions to build a more sustainable future for our societies.

To get the chance to have your project displayed at the event, you only need to submit your poster via email by September 25. You can find more details below.

WAITRO Impact Award: Your project recognized at the WAITRO Summit

The WAITRO Summit seeks to not only present, but also recognize our members’ impact on the global goals. The Secretariat is offering an award valued at USD$ 3,000 in prize money to recognize up to two posters from the SDG Impact Zone that deliver the most compelling narrative of a project and its impact on one or more SDGs. The award will be presented at the closing ceremony at the Summit.

Criteria: What will be evaluated

A panel of Summit participants appointed by the WAITRO Secretariat will inspect the posters and select the winners during the event based on the following criteria:

  • Vision: Logical and clear presentation of the project vision, results and potential impact on one or more SDGs.
  • Transferability: The project’s potential to be replicated globally to amplify its impact.
  • Scalability: The project can be scaled up economically and sustainably.
  • Aesthetics: Poster content and design appropriate for the target audience.
  • WAITRO Impact: The project that best exemplifies the value of the WAITRO network for a more sustainable world.

To be considered: Technical details

The posters must be in English, A0 size (841×1189 mm / 33.1×46.8 inches), include high resolution images (300dpi), PDF file and size not exceeding 20MB.

Process: How it works

Step 1: Posters Submission | Deadline: Extended to October 9

Send your poster in PDF format attached to an email with the subject ‘SDG Impact Poster’ to

Step 2: Initial Review | Deadline: Extended to October 12

The Secretariat reviews the posters for quality assurance.

Step 3: Acceptance Notifications | Deadline: Extended to October 14

The Secretariat notifies you if your poster has been accepted or if revisions are needed.

Step 4: Revised Posters Re-submissions | Deadline: Extended to October 23

If you were asked to revise your poster, please re-submit it as a PDF with the subject ‘SDG Impact Poster Revised’ to

Step 5: Printing | Deadline: Extended to October 24

The conference organizers will print and install your poster at the summit for you.

WAITRO Summit 2022: Innovative Partnerships. Global Impact.

The WAITRO Summit 2022 takes place on November 14-15 in Cape Town, South Africa. The face-to-face event brings together key research and innovation stakeholders from around the world for two days of networking, learning, and forging new partnerships to accelerate the impact on the global goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you mean by “impact”?2022-09-07T13:08:51+00:00

In the context of SDG impact posters exhibited at the WAITRO Summit, we are looking for narratives from recently completed projects that make a compelling case to impact one or more SDGs in the future.

Can associate members also participate?2022-09-07T13:08:41+00:00

Yes, full members and associate members of WAITRO are both eligible to participate.

Do I need to print and bring my own poster to the Summit?2022-09-07T13:08:24+00:00

No, we will take care of the printing and installation of all posters.

Where do I send my poster to?2022-09-07T13:09:42+00:00

Please send your poster as a PDF attached to an email with the subject ‘SDG Impact Poster’ address to

What happens after I submitted my poster?2022-09-07T13:10:21+00:00