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Roundtable on SDG 17 at the WAITRO Summit 2022

A high-level discussion on how to revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

During the first day of the WAITRO Summit 2022, taking place in person from 14-15 November in Cape Town, South Africa, the participants will be able to join a roundtable with keynote speakers on the Sustainable Development Goal 17 around the question: “How can WAITRO contribute to revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development?”

This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the needs and different perspectives of collaboration across sectors and countries.

Partnership Workshop WAITRO Summit

A discussion to kick-off work plans focused on SDGs

New challenges from the 21st century problems require new partnership mechanisms for effective progress towards the SDGs.

By answering the questions:

  • What can WAITRO deliver to enable both its Full Member RTOs and Associate Member industry to best cooperate for maximum impact?
  • What new mechanisms show most promise, and what old mechanisms no longer work?

The roundtable is intended to initiate a targeted discussion about effective work plans to address individual SDGs.

A discussion led by experts and renowned speakers

Keynote Speakers

The Roundtable on SDG 17 is made up of renowned personalities, such as: Dr. Victor Konde, Scientific Affairs Officer, TCCNRMD-Green Economy Innovations & Technologies Section, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).


In order to enhance connections, knowledge and information shared, the round table will feature a team of specialized panelists, they are:

  • Prof. Nnenesi Kgabi, Director Research Support, NWU (South Africa)
  • David Tveit, EVP, Energy and Climate Division, DTI (Denmark)
  • Dr. Hussam Hussein, Executive Director Partnerships, RSS (Jordan)
  • Jaime Arboleda Palacio, Deputy Director, CTA (Colombia)
  • Dr. Paul Burrows, Vice President Overseas Cooperation, JITRI (China)


Moderating the discussion, we have the General Director, Area of Promotion & Management at LEITAT (Spain), Dirk Saseta Krieg. Dirk has 18 years of experience in Project-and-Team Management.

WAITRO Summit 2022 | Innovative Partnerships. Global Impact.

Inspired by the SDG 17 “Partnerships for the Goals”, the upcoming WAITRO Summit will bring together key research and innovation stakeholders from around the world for two days of networking, learning, and forging new partnerships to accelerate the impact on the global goals.

The program will feature keynotes, panel discussions, capacity development workshops, networking sessions and much more.

Registrations are open!

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