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New climate-impact solutions for the G-STIC Climate Action Programme on SAIRA

The recent partnership between WAITRO and G-STIC is showing its first fruits: The first climate-impact solutions for the G-STIC Climate Action Programme are on SAIRA. Several project ideas are looking for collaboration among companies, universities, institutions, NGOs, non-profit organizations and consultancies located in the Flemish region. 

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Innovative project ideas on SAIRA look for partners to tackle climate change together 

On WAITRO’s Innovation Platform SAIRA, relevant stakeholders can find a broad variety of  project ideas on diverse topic areas that tackle global warming. These include ideas on innovative aquaculture solutions, or smart energy through photovoltaic technology, among other sustainable solutions. The project ideas are uploaded by local actors from developing countries who are searching for partners to jointly apply for the G-STIC Climate Action Programme and turn their ideas into realities.

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Close to €5 million subsidies for climate-impact solutions: The G-STIC Climate Action Programme 

The G-STIC Climate Action Programme is at the core of the new partnership between G-STIC and WAITRO, where SAIRA plays an essential role. 

Supported by the Government of Flanders, the G-STIC Climate Action Programme provides close to €5 million subsidies for rolling out climate-impact solutions in developing countries. Eligible are collaborations between organizations coming from developing countries and the Flemish region. For this, SAIRA works perfectly to match innovators and stakeholders from both regions. 

WAITRO encourages stakeholders from the Flemish region to browse the open opportunities on SAIRA, start a successful collaboration, and together submit a proposal for the G-STIC Climate Action Programme. The submission deadline is September 30th.

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