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Capacity Development at the WAITRO Summit 2022 (Part II)

Workshops you cannot miss on the second day of the WAITRO Summit

The WAITRO Summit 2022 is an in-person event that takes place from November 14–15 in Cape Town, South Africa. It provides its attendees with important Capacity Development workshops on a variety of subjects, such as Project Evaluation, Link Between SDGs and Innovation, and Benchmarking.

The WAITRO Summit is the place to be if you want to expand your knowledge or gain new skills. All topics are connected to technology, innovation and sustainable development.

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Capacity Development Workshop WAITRO Summit2

What to expect from the second day?

Apart from keynotes and networking sessions, on November 15 you can take part of some of the three workshops offered:

Benchmarking to Identify Best RTO Management Practices

Managing RTOs is not easy task but there are effective methods to help you achieve better results. This workshop will present the findings of the pilot benchmarking undertaken with RTOs during October 2022 to identify good RTO practices along eight main processes. The Benchmarking will be undertaken using an online benchmarking system and the analysis will allow RTOs, in comparison with other RTOs, to identify those practices that create the best basis for optimal performances in RTOs. The online benchmarking system has been created based on the analogue benchmarking approach used latest in WAITRO in 2003.

This workshop, moderated by Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann, Senior Specialist of DTI; David Grier, Former Chief Strategist, Innovation Saskatchewan and Chuqiao Dong, Project Support, WAITRO Office China at JITRI, will be the place to discuss the insights provided by the benchmarking. Regional and type-relevant differences between RTOs will be highlighted and examined as well as future learning opportunities.

Enabling Small-scale Spare-parts Production in Developing Countries

Transition from raw material to products can be difficult to achieve in developing countries. This regional workshop, organized by Dr. Emad Ewais from CMRDI, will introduce key topics on small-scale spare parts production:

  • Technology transfer for producing sacrificial anodes for petroleum and power station sectors
  • Production of spare parts for automotive and railway sector
  • Know-how technology package for producing wear resistance engineering spare parts for cement, mining and agriculture sectors
  • Production of strategic spare parts for military sector

Project Cycle Management/Results Based Management – A Focus on Monitoring and Evaluation in the Context of the Inter-Connectivity of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Rights Based Approach. A South African Case Study

Although there is a universal approach to PCM-LFA-RBM methodologies there are subtle differences between international agencies and the types of project/programs. The UN 2030 Development Agenda and the associated SDGs are applicable globally and are to be implemented adhering to the Rights Based Approach. These concepts may be alien to technically oriented staff, but the principles will have an impact on their work, in particular how they design, monitor and evaluate projects.

This workshop, moderated by Roger Short, will give some insights on how to appreciate the inter-connectivity within and between SDGs and their targets. He will present concrete examples of approaches and methods from the Danida supported Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) program in South Africa.

Participants of this workshop will be able to inter-act with stakeholders and principal actors of the IWRM program that ran from 2000-2010 which, in addition to water conservation and ground water policies, implemented over 100 community driven projects utilizing the principles of the rights-based approach.

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WAITRO Summit 2022 | Innovative Partnerships. Global Impact.

Inspired by the SDG 17 “Partnerships for the Goals”, the upcoming WAITRO Summit will bring together key research and innovation stakeholders from around the world for two days of networking, learning, and forging new partnerships to accelerate the impact on the global goals.

The program will feature keynotes, panel discussions, capacity development workshops, networking sessions and much more.

Registrations are open! Don’t miss the Early-Bird Registration deadline: October 7.

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