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WAITRO welcomes University of Zululand, South Africa

UNIZULU joins WAITRO as a Full Member

UNIZULU has recently joined WAITRO as a Full Member. The University of Zululand seeks to produce, globally competitive graduates relevant to the development needs of South Africa. To achieve and maintain the University’s vision and mission, the research and innovation division contributes mainly by promoting the research related goal of the institution which is: to drive growth in UNIZULU research and Innovation. This goal is broadly achieved by providing an enabling environment for research, innovation and outreach. We are focused on the continuous support of our researchers in a way that encourages our emerging researchers through research capacity building. UNIZULU prides itself in forging academic partnerships and linkages with other national, regional, and international Institutions, industry and Government.  We are committed to building a research culture that promotes academic benefits and experience among our students.


The objectives of the Research and Innovation Office are:

  • Provide a suitable environment for conducting research
  • Promote research and research excellence
  • Improve research capacity among staff and postgraduate students
  • Facilitate and administer research funding applications
  • Monitor compliance with policies with a view to maintaining highest quality and ethical standards
  • Promote a quality educational experience for postgraduate students
  • Assist in commercialising the products of research where appropriat

Establish and promote the scholarship of engagement, Ethical engagement to underpin social justice principles.

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