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WAITRO welcomes SELCO, India

SELCO joins WAITRO as an Associate Member

SELCO has recently joined WAITRO as an Associate Member. SELCO is a rural energy service company, with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Established in 1995, to disprove the following ‘myths’ and over the last 27 years.

SELCO has successfully grown many folds over the years while promoting energy services like solar power to the rural poor. It has maintained modest profits in the last 8 years with growth rates at an annual average of 20%. It has reinvested its profits back into the company for further growth.


SELCO provide tailored energy solutions across customer segments, sectors and geographies:

  • Customer Centric Solutions
  • Appropriate Financing
  • Door-Step Service

And more.

Welcome to the Global Innovation Family! 

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