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WAITRO welcomes Jimma University, Ethiopia

JU joins WAITRO as a Full Member

Jimma University (JU) has recently joined WAITRO as a Full Member. Jimma University (JU) was founded on the amalgamation of the Jimma Institute of Health Science and the Jimma College of Agriculture in the 1980’s. JU is committed to Engaging in Core Functions of Innovative Teaching, Research and Community Services Through its Cherished and Innovative Community Based Education (CBE).

Following the vision to be one of the Leading Community Based Research Universities in Africa and Renowned in the World by 2030, their goals are:

  • Build culture of academic excellence that champions students’ success in intellectual expertise, graduation and employability
  • Develop highest standards of research that gives solutions to the pressing national and global challenges
  • Empower the community to resolve their own issues through our creative and responsive services
  • Build a diverse global network in intercultural, curricular and co-curricular opportunities that make students globally competent
  • Create mutual partnership for reputation, financial sustainability and maximizing investment.

As the Jimma University’s president mentioned in their motto “We are in the Community!”.

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