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WAITRO welcomes Headway Idea Labs, Unites States of America

Headway joins WAITRO as an Associate Member

Headway Idea Labs was founded in 2013 and launched in 2014 in the heart of the booming start-up hub of Houston, Texas. They are experts in creating competitive strategies for commercialization, fueling start-ups and companies that desire to launch new product ideas to make their world better.

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Through participation in Headway’s 5-step process, they give the entrepreneurs access to all the ‘Headway Network’ – a ready-made network from which to learn, grow, and share.

Headway team understands the power behind developing a unique idea into a business that provides a sustainable benefit to customers, commits to the growth of its people, and partners with others that share their values and vision.


  • Headway Idea Labs believes in developing tech ideas into purpose-driven companies.
  • Utilizing their proven 5-Step Process to develop the product and build or transform the core foundation of any business idea into a purpose-driven organization.


“We envision a world where entrepreneurs and innovators, through the eyes of their communities, develop technologies that address the core needs of the people in view of their cultural, social, economic and political ecosystems.”

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