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WAITRO welcomes Atlantis Innovation Ltd, United Kingdom

Atlantis joins WAITRO as an Associate Member

Atlantis has recently joined WAITRO as an Associate Member. Atlantis innovation supports organizations in accelerating their innovation journey to grow and improve their performance by identifying, designing, obtaining funding, implementing and commercializing their research and innovation ventures.

Atlantis brings together more than 30 years of experience in supporting and accelerating science, research, technological innovation and products development goals of UK, European and international organizations via grants, investments acquisition and technological development services.

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Their mission is:

  • Empower 1 million researchers, scientists, innovators, inventors, and explorers
  • Transform 100,000 organizations in their innovation journey
  • Support 50,000 social impact driven project
  • Accelerate the growth of 25000 start-ups and entrepreneurs
  • Promote 10,000 sustainable solutions

They are passionate about supporting organizations working in developing sustainable solutions for a better world.

Welcome to the Global Innovation Family! 

Learn more about our member organizations from all over the world or find out how to become a member. 

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