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WAITRO Visits UNIDO Headquarters in Vienna

WAITRO Visits UNIDO Headquarters in Vienna

WAITRO and UNIDO have a long history of working together. In fact, WAITRO was founded under the auspices of UNIDO in 1970. Since then, WAITRO and UNIDO have repeatedly joined forces and collaborated in organizing workshops and projects. To maintain the good relationship, the delegates of the WAITRO Office Germany visited the UNIDO headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The WAITRO Secretariat met with Bernardo Calzadilla-Sarmiento, Director Department of Trade, Investment and Innovation, Raymond Tavares, Industrial Development Officer, and Olga Memedovic, Deputy Director, Department of Trade, Investment and Innovation. The UNIDO delegation was the first to learn about WAITRO’s Open Innovation Hub SAIRA in a hands-on session. The high-level meeting strengthened the WAITRO-UNIDO relationship and the commitment to close cooperation in the future.

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