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WAITRO Session at G-STIC Rio Highlights the Importance of Global Partnerships for the SDGs

Experts Discuss Key Obstacles and Opportunities in Implementing SDG 17 and the Role of Public-Private Partnerships

On February 14th, 2023, the 6th G-STIC Conference in Rio de Janeiro hosted a WAITRO Session on SDG 17: Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development Goals. The main objective of the session was to introduce WAITRO as a tool to foster international partnerships and implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The session began with a WAITRO presentation by Paul Burrows from JITRI/WAITRO. This was followed by two keynote speeches by Manuel Heitor from the University of Lisbon and Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz from Elsevier, who discussed the importance of knowledge, innovation, and private sector involvement in achieving the SDGs.

WAITRO Session GSTIC Rio 1

Round table discussion on SDG 17: Obstacles and Opportunities

The session continued with an interactive round table discussion, featuring Sergio Ibáñez from Leitat, Paul Burrows, Jaime Arboleda Palacio from CTA and Alessandro Pansanato Rizzato from SENAI. The panelists discussed the main obstacles in implementing SDG 17, the key trends in research collaboration for sustainable development, inspirational examples of international cooperation in the context of the SDGs, key recommendations to advance the 2030 Agenda through research partnerships, and the role of public-private partnerships in achieving the SDGs and how WAITRO can promote it.

The round table highlighted the importance of international cooperation and networking initiatives in achieving the SDGs. The panelists shared examples and success stories of how technological cooperation can generate projects and initiatives with a clear impact on the different SDGs.

International Cooperation is the Key

The WAITRO session on SDG 17 at the 6th G-STIC Conference was a successful event that highlighted the importance of international partnerships and cooperation for sustainable development.

The session encouraged participants to develop international partnerships and initiatives that are aligned with the 17 SDGs.

WAITRO Session GSTIC Rio 2

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