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WAITRO Event Series: Capacity Development on Diversity in International Research Cooperation

Building Successful and Sustainable Partnerships in Cross-border Collaboration

The diversity of research teams in international research cooperation is crucial to make a real impact. But how can we ensure these partnerships are sustainable and successful? Anyone who wants to build lasting relationships across borders and boundaries needs to reckon with the fact that overgrown structures create more obstacles for some than others, resulting in different experiences.

With this in mind, the WAITRO Office Germany is hosting the WAITRO Event Series: Capacity Development on Diversity in International Research Cooperation. Three events to highlight ways to successfully navigate diversity in international research projects.

Roundtable International Research

The event series kicks off on June 2nd with a Roundtable on Managing Diversity in International Research. Leading experts will share their perspectives on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) framework of the European Commission; research funding in different parts of the world; successful entrepreneurship; fair collaboration practices; and insights into the scientific publishing industry.

Next on June 15th, for the workshop A Practical Introduction to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), WAITRO has invited the Head of Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI), Prof. Dr. Martina Schraudner, to deepen the understanding of the RRI approach that originated in the European Commission, and is a requirement in the Horizon Framework Programs. The focus of this workshop is on the practical implementation of RRI.

Responsible Research and Innovation
Research Partnerships Intellectual Property

Finally on June 28th, in collaboration with the partner Research Fairness Initiative (RFI), WAITRO hosts a workshop on Fair Research Partnerships and the Role of Intellectual Property (IP). This practical workshop will feature tips from the IP rights lawyer, Dr. Joanne van Harmelen, and the director of the Research Contracts & Innovation of University of Cape Town (UTC), Mr. Piet Barnard. It will also introduce the RFI tool that supports organizations in introducing measures for more effective and lasting partnerships.

You find more details about the WAITRO Event Series here.

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Wiethüchter.


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