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Report: Empowering Innovation-Entrepreneurship in Research Organizations

In November 2023, WAITRO organized a three-session event series that explored the dynamic world of entrepreneurship within research organizations and its pivotal role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A report is released today on, detailing the concept, content, reflections and learnings of this entrepreneurship webinar series. Download

WAITRO’s Entrepreneurship Event Series aimed to provide information and insights from seasoned investors and established science entrepreneurs, preparing researchers and research institutions on the process of translating science and technology into a business. The webinar series proved to be an enlightening and educational journey for both the attendees, the speakers and the WAITRO Secretariat as the organizer. Conducted online, there were over 200 registrations for this members-exclusive event series, with participants including researchers, entrepreneurs, and management representatives from over 60 member organizations located to 43 countries.

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Key takeaways included insights from seasoned speakers, practical tools for lean entrepreneurship, and discussions on support systems. The series culminated in a visionary discussion on WAITRO’s potential roles in supporting entrepreneurship, showcasing a commitment to continual improvement.

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