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Instituto Pedro Nunes will support startups participating in European Innovation Council

Coimbra, Portugal, June 2023

IPN is the first Portuguese partner with expertise in the category “access to infrastructure and support in R&D” of European Innovation Council (EIC) Ecosystem Partnership and Co-Investment Support Program. EIC is a European funding program with a budget of over 10 billion euros to support innovative startups and SMEs in their journey to market. In this scope, Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), Portugal, is supporting European startups in areas such as  3D prototyping printing, AI, Security&Privacy, Fixed and mobile communication, Health Technology Assessment, Life Cycle Analysis, Technology Experimentation and Testing, Software Engineering and Regulatory framework for Medical Devices.

EIC has been providing business acceleration services to startups, which includes access to mentors, coaches, experts, trainers and business partners. This offer is now reinforced with a new partners network able to provide highly differentiated services that meet the specialised and individualised needs of these innovative companies. The EIC Partners’ Service Catalogue offers a wide range of partners who can assist startups in the development of their products and services, using the equipment and knowledge of recognized entities such as IPN.

“We are thrilled to be the only Portuguese partner of the European Innovation Council Partnership offering services in the access to infrastructure and support in R&D category. It is a great opportunity for us to help innovative companies in their journey to market and contribute to the growth of the European startup ecosystem. We believe that our expertise in providing access to infrastructure and support in R&D will add tremendous value to the startups we support”, said João Gabriel Silva, President of Board of Directors of IPN.

The EIC Ecosystem Partnership and Co-Investment Support Program is a great opportunity for European startups and SMEs to meet a selection of R&D partners able to boost their innovative ideas. More information about the program and EIC partnership can be found at and find more details about the IPNs services for startups at 

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More info about the EIC Ecosystem Partnership and Co-Investment Support Program:

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