WAITRO-SIRIM Training Program in Solar Thermal Technology

The WAITRO Capacity Development Program on Solar Thermal Technology for Industrial Application was a one-week program organized by WAITRO and SIRIM. It aimed to introduce scientists to research opportunities at well-established Centers of Excellence of WAITRO Member Organizations.

Learning, Networking and Collaborating

Solar thermal technology

This Capacity Development Program was tailored to researchers and scientists working at Member Organizations from Asia and the Pacific, Middle East and Africa Regions. The participants, coming from Botswana, Colombia, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia, had the opportunity the strengthen their knowledge, exchange ideas as well as establish contact with their peers for future collaborations.

The objectives of the program were:

  • Equipping the researchers with the technical knowledge and skills in solar thermal technology.
  • Enhancing the researchers’ knowledge in understanding the principles, designing and applying solar thermal technology in industries.
  • Providing technical capabilities for the development, financing and implementing solar thermal project in industries in the researchers’ home countries.


The program focused on providing comprehensive technical knowledge and skills regarding solar thermal technology and its application in industries, including the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Solar Thermal Technology
  2. Solar Thermal System Design Principles
  3. Solar Thermal Application at Industry for Heating Process
  4. Potential Energy Reduction, Cost Savings and CO2 Reduction

Program Structure

The program structure was divided into two parts:


The classroom session comprised of comprehensive lectures on solar thermal technology, country paper presentations and case study presentation by participants, as follows:

a) Theory: lectures comprised theory on the solar thermal technology concept, design principle, integration point concepts and as well as its application in industries.
b)  Country Paper Presentation: focused on the current status of solar thermal application/technology in participants’ home countries, the demand, the relevant policies or incentives available and related barriers/problems.
c)  Group Presentation on case studies.


Visits to solar thermal demonstration sites helped to further strengthen the scientific capabilities, understanding and knowledge of solar thermal technology. Valuable information regarding solar thermal potential to replace the energy demand, solar integration concept and solar thermal design was shared during the visit.

WAITRO Capacity Development Program and SDGs

The WAITRO Capacity Building Program is a good platform for scientists and researchers to be equipped with skills and knowledge in R&D to solve technological problems. The researchers who participated in this program could strengthen their previous knowledge in chemical engineering or renewable energy. Furthermore, their expertise and future projects will contribute to at least three SDGs:

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

13. Climate Action


Solar thermal technology

Date: 29 April–4 May, 2019

Location: Shah Alam, Malaysia

By: WAITRO, SIRIM (Malaysia)

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