Succesful Capacity Building

The Capacity Building Workshop on Herbal-Based Cosmeceuticals for Rural-Based Entrepreneurs organized by WAITRO and the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) was a full success. The workshop was conducted by researchers from SIRIM Berhad of Malaysia from 12-15 December 2017 at the ISESCO Headquarters in Rabat, Kingdom of Moro

Development of Technical Competencies

The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the strategic competencies of scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs to develop their capability in basic technical knowledge in herbal-based cosmeceuticals and personal care science. The participants came from eight research institutions namely the Forest Research Centre; Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique; APIA Huiles et Miels; as well as Hassan II Agricultural and Veterinary Institute of Morocco; Pharmacy Faculty of Cairo University of Egypt; Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre of Sudan; Jordan Food and Drug Administration of Jordan and The Research Council of Oman. 19 participants from WAITRO member organizations and ICESCO country members took part in the workshop. They had relevant backgrounds in the area of science or biotechnology, herbal extraction and analysis.

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The participants were employed in the fields of product regulatory or as marketing officers or were entrepreneurs who are familiar with the cosmetic industry. The technology and knowledge shared by the researchers from SIRIM was aimed to enhance the participants’ knowledge on herbal extraction and analysis as well as producing quality, safe and effective cosmetic products.


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Date: 12-15 December, 2017

Location: Rabat, Morocco

By: WAITRO, ICESCO, SIRIM (Malaysia), IAV (Morocco)

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