WAITRO Longterm Benchmarking Study on Innovation and Technology Support

DTI Benchmarking Project

WAITRO enabled the global benchmarking exercise for Innovation and Technology Support in 2018. The global benchmarking was targeted to Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). WAITRO members work with more than one million SME customers and partners. Therefore, they significantly impact how businesses address global challenges. This large benchmarking study aimed to demonstrate potential for sustainable innovation and technology support on a global scale. It was initiated by the Danish Technological Institute (DTI).

Survey Results: Manufacturing, Distributive Trades, Construction and Transport were most responsive to WAITRO Services

Prior to the seminars for members, 296 SMEs in eight countries filled out a questionnaire and provided important insights into the experiences of SMEs with RTO services. 87% of SMEs were satisfied or very satisfied with the innovation support provided and the vast majority (95%) would recommend the WAITRO innovation service to other SMEs. One SME in three will act on the recommendations provided by the RTO. Another important finding was that certain sectors were more responsive to WAITRO institute services. Among these sectors were manufacturing, distributive trades, construction and transport.

Large Benchmarking with 60 Attendees from 13 WAITRO Member Organizations

Over the course of a year, 60 attendees from 13 WAITRO member organizations participated in a the large benchmarking. Among the participating WAITRO RTOs were SIRIM from Malaysia, Tübitak from Turkey, RMRDC from Nigeria, NFI from Thailand, TISTR from Thailand, RSS from Jordan, NAFTEC from Botswana, IVL from Sweden, IRCC from Sudan, INEEL from Mexico, CIDET from Colombia, CTA from Colombia and CSIR from South Africa.
During the initial phase, general information and best practices were gathered. Interim results were presented during the WAITRO board meeting in March 2018 in Egypt. The second phase was specifically focused on improving practices when working with SMEs and other clients.
During the project, WAITRO members were able to receive inspiration to improve their interaction with clients. The RTOs reflected on the methods they use when contacting or maintaining their potential or present client base or when promoting additional services. Advantages and disadvantages of different strategies were discussed and assessed.
An online resource will be created for members based on the findings of the study and provide advice on topics like Screening of SMEs, Innovation Requirement Analysis, Innovation Support Recommendation, Project Initiation and Follow-Up.


Date: January–December, 2018

Location: Globally

By: WAITRO, DTI (Denmark)

  • WAITRO Funded Project
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